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Photo exhibition shows scenery of Jinmen, Xiamen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated:2019-03-04


Deep Love Weaved by Needles and Thread. [Photo by Hsiao Yang for chinadaily.com.cn]

An exhibition showcasing the natural landscape and cultural customs of Xiamen and Jinmen, a county in Taiwan, is taking place on Gulangyu Island, an UNSCO World Heritage site in Xiamen, Fujian province from March 2 to 13.

Themed on daily life, folk houses, and folk customs, the exhibition displays 76 photos by photographers from the two places.

Ch'en Sen-chao, director-general of Jinmen Photographers Association, hopes that more mainland residents will find Jinmen a charming place through the exhibition and want to go and visit the city some day.

Organized by the photographers association from Xiamen and Jinmen, the exhibition was firstly held in Jinmen in Dec 2018.

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