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Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park

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The entry of the Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park. [Photo/Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park]

Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park is located at the southeast end of the beautiful Dadeng Island in Xiamen, Fujian province and covers an area of over 80,000 square meters.


During the famous artillery battle that started on August 23, 1958, the venue was severely bombarded, receiving an average 1.5 shells per square meter of land and becoming war ruins.


After extensive renovation, the frontier battlefield of the old days now has taken a vibrant new look. 


Inside the park are many exhibition halls and scenic spots, such as the Education Center for Spirit of Three Heroic Islands, Three Heroic Islands Militia Stories Hall, Frontier Broadcasting History Museum, Red Memories Museum, Marine Science Museum, the World's Largest Military Loudspeaker, Former Site of Artillery Positions, Military Weapons Display Area, Hero Sculptures Square, Frontier Broadcasting Fort, and Battlefield Labyrinth.


It is the only multi-functional tourist resort facing Kinmen Island that is themed around national reunification and that features battlefield sightseeing, patriotism education, national defense knowledge education, and military science education.



The World's Largest Military Loudspeaker at the Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park. [Photo/Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park]

The park is rated as a national 3A scenic area. It has won the titles of Fujian Provincial Patriotism Education Base, Provincial-level National Defense Education Base, Provincial-level Party History Education Base, Provincial-level Social Science Popularization Base, and Provincial-level Cultural Relic Protection Unit.


The inscription of "Three Heroic Islands Battlefield Sightseeing Park" was written by Chi Haotian, former State councilor, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, and defense minister of the People's Republic of China.


Add: Huandengnan Road, Xiang'an district, Xiamen, Fujian province

地址: 福建省厦门市翔安区环嶝南路

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