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About Xiamen

Xiamen, the second largest city in Fujian province, covers a total area of 1,516 square kilometers . As one of China’s first batch of five special economic zones, it has become a city of rapid growth with large amounts of investment from Taiwan, Hong Kong and foreign countries. Despite its fame as an industrial powerhouse, this port city still maintains its charm with traditional architecture, delicious food, a pleasant climate and picturesque scenery, attracting many visitors every year.


One of China’s five special economic zones, Xiamen was once called “Ludao”, meaning Egret Island, as many birds of that species used to inhabit the area. During the 20th year of Hongwu (1387) in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the city was named “Xiamen Cheng”, meaning gate of the nation. Finally, the name of “Xiamen” stuck. In October 1980, the State Council made the decision to outline an area of 2.5 square kilometers in Huli, in the north of Xiamen Island, and established Xiamen Special Economic Zone, making it one of the first cities to become a special economic zone in China. The city has seen rapid growth in economic and social development in recent years.

Awards for Xiamen

2013 —Listed Among the first national demonstration cities for electronic social security service 2013 — Won the Chang’an Cup, a top national honor for political and legal management 2013 —Named National Advanced City for Entrepreneurship


The City

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