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Message for arrivals to Xiamen

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2020-03-09

Welcome to Xiamen. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has severely affected China and many other countries. The virus is the common enemy of humanity, and it is our joint responsibility to safeguard public health and our shared desire to overcome the epidemic and see that our socioeconomic activities return to normal as early as possible. Xiamen is ready to work with you to fight and overcome the virus.

A virus knows no borders, but the worst of times reveals the best in people. Over the past few weeks, many countries have extended generous support for Xiamen's prevention and control efforts. They have sent letters or called to share their concerns and offer their condolences, and our sister cities in South Korea, Japan, Israel, and Australia have also donated personal protective equipment and materials, for which we will always remain grateful.

No matter where you travel from, it is our responsibility to safeguard your safety and health during your stay in Xiamen. As required by national and provincial public health laws and regulations, as well as Notification No 7 and No 8 released by the Xiamen Command Headquarters on Responding to the COVID-19 Outbreak, we will carry out appropriate and diverse prevention and control measures as needed in a scientific, targeted, and people-oriented manner.

Travellers with fever or respiratory tract symptoms shall be hospitalized in designated hospitals, while their close contacts and companions will be placed under quarantine and medical observation at designated locations.  

All inbound travellers who arrive from severely-affected countries/regions or with a history of visiting or living in said countries/regions within the last 14 days will be placed under quarantine at designated locations or at home or under supervised medical observation for 14 days as per instruction upon their arrival in Xiamen.

Stringent prevention and control measures are the most effective way to curb the spread of the virus. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated despite the inconvenience this may cause you. We urge you to protect yourself by wearing a facemask, washing your hands often, maintaining your distance from other people, and limiting face-to-face contact as much as possible. Thank you for your support and contributions to our fight against the epidemic. We welcome any suggestion related to prevention and control.

Foreign Affairs Office of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government

March 6, 2020



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