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International Economics Division

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2021-04-09

1- Takes the lead in drafting and revising policies and systems related to foreign affairs;

2- Drafts medium and long-term development plans for foreign affairs in Xiamen;

3- Carries out research investigations to promote Xiamen's international construction, foreign affairs policies and works;

4- Undertakes administrative responses to appeals;

5- Takes the responsibility of foreign affairs publicity;

6- Examines important reports concerning foreign affairs;

7- Provides publicity materials about major foreign-related issues and unexpected events along with relevant government departments;

8- Coordinates and assists municipal external publicity department;

9- Releases foreign affairs news;

10- Edits and publishes XMFAO's promotional literature and maintains its information distributing platforms, such as official website and new media;

11- Arranges XMFAO's foreign-related economic work and offers policy proposals;

12- Assumes routine work of the foreign affairs committee office of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee.



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