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Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People's Government

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The Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Xiamen Municipal People's Government (XMFOCAO) is a local authority for handling Xiamen's foreign and overseas Chinese-related affairs. It is mainly for the implementation of national foreign policies, overseeing the protocol arrangements of foreign visitors, Party leaders and other delegations, administration of consular affairs, sister city affairs, foreign journalist activities, affairs relating to Xiamen officials' visits abroad, and invitations to foreign visitors. It is an important "window" to connect Xiamen with the world.


The office is engaged in:

1. -Implementing national policies, laws and regulations on foreign-related affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs, and decisions of provincial and municipal governments on the above-mentioned affairs; drafting local foreign-related regulations and rules, development planning, and carrying out the plans.

2. -Coordinating relevant departments and organizations on foreign and overseas Chinese-related affairs in Xiamen; guiding the foreign-related affairs in all districts and departments of Xiamen.

3. -Arranging protocol for and courteous reception of foreign guests, Party leaders, as well as foreign diplomats on official visits to Xiamen and important visitors from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions; assisting with the protocol arrangements of major foreign-related events led by local government officials.

4. - Examining and approving of passport and visa applications for Xiamen's overseas business trips granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Xiamen municipal government; issuing passports and visas for overseas business travellers; applying for APEC Business Travel Cards; handling entry application procedures for foreigners invited to Xiamen for events, verifying invitation letters; issuing "Confirmation Letters of Invitation" for foreigners invited by non-governmental institutes and individuals; examining and approving of major foreign-related events and international conferences in Xiamen.

5. -Undertaking Xiamen's cooperation and development with its international friendship cities and sister cities; providing guidance on exchanges between international cities and Xiamen's districts as well as relevant departments.

6. -Providing services for exchanges of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and relevant organizations, working with other departments on overseas Chinese affairs with Taiwan. 

7. -Administering consulate generals in Xiamen and handling related affairs; overseeing exchanges between consulate generals and local government organizations in Xiamen; coordinating the development, construction and operation of the Xiamen consulate area.

8. -Handling or assisting with important foreign-related affairs and cases, including cases in ports; coordinating and guiding foreign citizens and legal persons related criminal, civil and maritime cases in Xiamen; safeguarding and protecting Chinese institutions and consulates in foreign countries; managing overseas non-governmental organizations' affairs in Xiamen.

9. -Promoting introductions of overseas funds, technologies and talents and developing international academic forums together with relevant departments

10. -Guiding overseas Chinese affairs in Xiamen, protecting legal rights and interests of overseas Chinese and their relatives who plan to return and settle in China; providing financial support for overseas Chinese and their relatives who suffer from poverty; enhancing the reform and development of the Tong'an Zhuba Overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone.

11. -Publicizing foreign and overseas Chinese promotion affairs; administering foreign journalists and overseas Chinese media's news reports in Xiamen ;

12. -Examining and approving applications of individuals and groups for business trips to Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions; issuing exit-entry permits and endorsements; liaising with Hong Kong and Macao regional governments for affairs; coordinating exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in many fields.

13. -Undertaking routine work of Xiamen's foreign affairs office, the overseas Chinese office and the honorary citizen assessment office.

14. -Undertaking other affairs assigned by the Xiamen municipal Party committee, the municipal government and other superior organizations.



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