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Xiamen Municipal Headquarters for COVID-19 Response Notification No. 1/2021

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2021-07-30

In light of the latest epidemic prevention and control situation in Xiamen, we hereby make the following announcement:

I. As from today, Xiamen activates level-3 emergency response.

II. Based on the research and assessment conducted by experts from the province and the city, it is decided that Yuanquan Shanzhuang Block A of Lianqian Sub-district in Siming District (1-20 Qianpu Liuli) is flagged as a medium-risk area, starting from July 30, 2021.

III. All people in Xiamen shall step up self-protection, avoid crowds, wear the masks when going out, present health codes and have temperature taken as required, and keep one-meter social distance from others.

IV. Staff of public venues, public transportation, tourist attractions and others must strictly follow relevant protocols by imposing such epidemic prevention measures as checking health code, taking body temperature, maintaining one-meter social distance in place, and ensuring effective disinfection and good ventilation. Reduce crowd size through appointment scheduling, staggered visitor arrivals, limited public access and other means.

V. All types of offline public or private training institutions across the city shall be temporarily closed to the public.

VI. Public events such as garden fetes, lantern shows, temple fairs, flower fairs, street markets, folk custom activities, religious ceremonies, and cultural performances shall be suspended across the city. All kinds of dining in large groups shall be suspended as well.

VII. All people in Xiamen must not leave the city except for essential purposes. Those who do need to leave Xiamen must travel with green health codes.

VIII. Those experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, diarrhea and fatigue shall go to the nearest fever clinics right away for screening, diagnosis and treatment under the precondition of ensuring proper infection prevention and personal protection, and avoid using public transport on the way to medical institutions.

IX. The following behaviors are strictly prohibited: malicious rumor mongering, lying about or covering up information related to the epidemic, and releasing false information.

This notification shall take effect from the date of issuance.



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