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Notifications 9, 10 and 11 Released

(fao.xm.gov.cn) Updated:2021-09-18

In light of the latest development of COVID-19 in Xiamen and pursuant to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, the Emergency Response Law of the People's Republic of China, and relevant regulations, we hereby notify you of the following:

I. All residential compounds (villages) in Xiamen should be put under closed-loop management. Residents are required to present valid certificates issued by their residential compounds (villages) for entrance and exit; non-residents are forbidden from entering the residential compounds (villages) without approval. Non-residents' vehicles are prohibited from entering the residential compounds (villages) except for those dedicated to epidemic response or daily necessities transportation, ambulances, fire trucks, emergency rescue vehicles, sanitation trucks, and police vans. Contactless delivery shall be practised: take-away food parcels and other packages shall be dropped off at a designated pick-up spot in residential compounds (villages). All types of engineering works within residential compounds shall be suspended (except for emergency maintenance needs such as those related to water, electricity, gas and elevators). In residential compounds without property management services, the local residential communities shall take responsibility for the entrance and exit management of the said compounds by purchasing services or organizing volunteers to deliver the task.

II. We urge all people in Xiamen to stay at home and avoid going out except for essential purposes. Working from home or flexible working hours is encouraged. All people shall step up self-protection and wear masks when going out. Those experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, diminished senses of smell or taste, a stuffy nose, a running nose, a sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle aches and pains and diarrhea shall immediately go to the nearest fever clinic or dial 120 for help. Wear a mask and avoid using public transport on the way to medical institutions.

III. All communities (villages) shall carry out grid-based health screening of the residents to ensure that no one is left unchecked. Should anyone with fever is spotted, call 120 right away for medical treatment. Residents shall be law-abiding and cooperate unconditionally when it comes to epidemiological investigations. Do not cover up one's history of disease and close contact, or evade quarantine or medical observation. Operators of rental houses, hotels, hostels, family inns (including online-booked B&Bs), etc. shall take full responsibilities as principal management entities, and immediately inform the local community (village) if a case experiencing fever, cough or any other related symptoms is spotted.

IV. All sub-districts (towns) and communities (villages) shall see to it that residents under closed-off and controlled management have sufficient access to daily necessities, logistic services, and medical treatment. They shall also offer care and support as well as psychological counseling when the need arises. Extra care and thoughtful services should be rendered to senior citizens, young children, the sick and weak, and people with disabilities to ensure that they have every access to meet their daily necessities.

V. All communities (villages) shall strengthen cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces, garbage sorting, hazard-free disposal of discarded masks and others. Key public areas, elevators, lobbies, and passageways in particular, should be disinfected twice daily at least.

VI. Weddings should be postponed while funerals held in a simpler way with reduced crowd size. Ceremonial funerals at funeral homes shall be suspended. If funerals are to be held, the local communities (villages) should be informed in advance and will then dispatch staff members to help plan the event.

VII. All sub-districts (towns) and communities (villages) shall keep residents informed on the latest epidemic policies and facts by fully utilizing WeChat, text messages, broadcast and other communication means.

VIII. All parks, tourist attractions, Moutain-to-Sea Trail, religious sites, folk custom sites, folk belief worshiping sites, indoor or outdoor stadiums (venues), entertainment and recreation facilities, foot massage and spa centers, public hot springs and others shall suspend operation.

IX. Public events such as garden fetes, lantern shows, temple fairs, flower fairs, street markets, folk custom activities, religious ceremonies, cultural performances and group dancing in the squares shall be suspended across the City.

X. All essential retailers across the City, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and farmers' markets, shall limit the number of visitors to 30% of the maximum capacity for the same time slot, restrict pedestrian traffic to a one way direction and prevent loitering. Large-scale sales promotions shall be suspended. Cleaning and disinfection shall be conducted according to the standard operating procedures.

XI. Owners and operators of public spaces and commercial properties must strictly follow relevant protocols by imposing such epidemic prevention measures as checking or scanning health code, taking body temperature, wearing masks, maintaining one-meter social distance in place, and ensuring effective disinfection and good ventilation.

XII. Public transport systems, including the metro, bus, and BRT, shall limit passenger traffic. Increase ventilation by keeping windows open on public buses, BRT, ferries, and taxis (including online hailed cars). Drivers and passengers must wear masks at all times.

XIII. All nursing homes, children's homes and other care homes shall ban all visitors while staff and residents shall not be allowed to go out.  

XIV. Visitors and care partners are not allowed at medical facilities unless it is absolutely essential. For those who are considered essential, certificates of negative COVID-19 test results issued within 48 hours and full vaccination shall be presented. Patients and care partners shall stay in the facilities during treatment and receive nucleic acid tests before discharge.   

XV. All people must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control protocols in public spaces and commercial properties, or when riding public transport. Those who refuse to do so will be denied access. 

XVI. All eating and drinking establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, canteens, cafés, shops serving milk tea and other drinks, eateries, supermarkets and convenience stores, shall halt in-house dining and offer take-away and delivery services instead.

XVII. All eating and drinking establishments across the City must post notices in conspicuous places to inform the customers of the suspension of in-house dining, the transition to take-away and delivery service and related prevention measures required.

XVIII. All eating and drinking establishments across the City must rigorously impose prevention measures on all comers, including wearing masks, taking body temperatures, checking or scanning health codes, and keep records of people picking up take-away meals by registering at least one pick-up person's real name and valid contact information.

XIX. Catering service providers (including canteens) or individuals, including restaurants, chefs and professional cooking teams serving group feasts in rural areas, are prohibited from hosting group dining in any form.

XX. All street stalls excluding those under the Breakfast Initiative shall suspend operation.

XXI. All district governments and related authorities should fulfill their regulatory responsibilities and supervise the compliance of all catering businesses, dining facilities and drinking establishments under their respective jurisdictions to ensure all the prevention measures are implemented in full. Those who refuse to comply shall be liable for immediate punishments to the full extent of law.

Every organization and individual in Xiamen shall abide by the Notifications in letter and spirit. Those who violate any regulation herein shall be held accountable.

For more details, please refer to the full texts of Notifications No. 9-11 of Xiamen Municipal Headquarters for COVID-19 Response.



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